Take the step to a better life


The minute you sit down with one of our therapists, you know someone cares.  The first step is the hardest, but we'll be there to help you through the healing process.

You may not be sure about counseling, but all the people who took the first step and feel better would tell you it's worth the effort! Start small with a phone call or an email, and get stated with your first appointment today.

Rapha Counseling has therapists to help you make positive changes in your marriage or in your family. The counselors at Rapha have expertise in helping people recover from sexual abuse and other types of trauma. Rapha Counseling also has therapists with extensive experience for stress management and anger management. We provide groups counseling for anger management or work with you individually, if you prefer.

Whether you are looking for a counselor for stress and anger management, or if you need to talk to a counselors for sexual abuse or other trauma you’ve suffered, we can provide you with very experienced counselors. If you have stress issues, inquire about an appointment with one of our counselors for stress management or anger management. Whatever your need, we have counselors who are compassionate and knowledgable to help you overcome your issues.