Signs of Depression in Adults

Signs of depression in adults vary somewhat from person to person. Perhaps the most common symptom in women is a sense of extreme sadness. Sometimes this sadness includes uncontrollable crying spells. Men may exhibit this sadness as well or the depressed mood may be evident through ongoing irritability. Men are less likely to exhibit uncontrollable crying spells. Often the depressed mood results in the person being unable to experience pleasure in activities that the person enjoyed in the past. In other words, the person loses interest in things they like to do. This is known as anhedonia. Depression can also result in taking away a person's energy so the person becomes lethargic. Depression can also affect the person's concentration and memory. Depression often also causes troubling changes in sleep patterns. It is also common for a person to have changes in appetite that results in significant weight gain or weight loss. In severe cases of depression, the person may have suicidal thoughts. Depression is often triggered by stress at home or in the work place. There are several helpful counseling approaches to help people with depression to regain control of their lives. Medication can also be helpful. Research shows when a person with major depression gets counseling and medication together they get the best positive results in the healing process.