Has your stress level climbed above the red line and resulted in issues with depressed mood, anxiety or anger? Have you tried to deal with this on your own, only to find yourself getting nowhere? If so, contact us to overcome these problems within yourself, with your family, friends or coworkers. Take the first step, call, and we will help you to find a way back to becoming a healthier you! When you are ready, help is always available at Rapha Counseling from Michael Weaver, MS, LMHC or Debby Weaver, MA, RMHCI.
Sometimes mental health issues are complex and you may need someone with the ability to help you overcome more than one situation at a time. When you need help with multiple issues from counselors who recognize that your sense of spirituality is an important factor to consider, call Rapha Counseling.
At Rapha Counseling we are part of the team... your team! We know everyone is unique and there are no one size fits all approach. If you are dealing with physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse we are here to help. Together, you can have a happier, healthier tomorrow.